From Victim
to Victory


Wilna Jooste

I am a Certified (COMENSA & SAQA accredited) Life Coach who achieved this qualification through The Academy of York. I acquired the majority of my knowledge through real-life lessons.

I choose a life that aligns with my values and principles. It is important for me to find meaning through helping and connecting with people. I am a creative, insightful, passionate and altruistic person with a strong individualistic approach. I strongly advocate the ability for each individual to find their worth through their individual strengths and abilities. I believe that transition equals opportunity.

How May I Help You?

Are you going through severe change and in need of reorienting yourself in response to the change?

One on One

Comprehensive and thorough Individual coaching sessions.

Group Coaching

Participative group sessions (maximum 2 – 4 participants)

One on One Pro

Comprehensive and thorough Individual coaching with additional benefits.

Work With Me

You have the ability to create the reality of new opportunities. I would love to join you on this journey. Contact me, using the link below. Complete the brief questionnaire and return to me to arrange a consultation to discuss your coaching needs.

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