Announcing the Boomer Tech Triumph Workshops!

The digital age has revolutionized the way we live, work, and communicate. However, amidst this tech-savvy landscape, a generation stands at a crossroads. Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, have witnessed the remarkable evolution of technology from its inception to its current advanced state. Despite their familiarity with manual methods, the rapid pace of technological development, accelerated further by events like the Covid-19 pandemic, has left a significant portion of Boomers feeling estranged in this digital era.

In a world where technology underpins everything from communication to financial transactions, many Boomers are grappling with the need to adapt. As they approach retirement age, the concern deepens. Economic fluctuations, inflation, and currency devaluation threaten their financial stability. Traditional income sources like pensions might no longer suffice, leaving Boomers with the pressing need to navigate the digital landscape.

We’re thrilled to unveil the inaugural series of our “Boomer Tech Triumph” workshops, a groundbreaking initiative crafted specifically for the Boomer generation. Recognizing a pressing need for tech literacy among boomers – both to enhance day-to-day modern living and to stay competitive in today’s job market – Victory Coaching has joined hands with Hairven by Natalie Wright to bring this vision to life. Our first round of courses is rolling out at an exclusive reduced rate, ensuring the best value for our early adopters. The schedule for this transformative journey is as follows: (Please note that these workshops are not merely for Boomers, but for anyone who has the need to learn or enhance their Tech Savvy.)

Part 01 (Modules 1-5): Wednesdays from 20 September 2023 to 18 October 2023

Part 1: Laying the Digital Foundation Dive into the digital universe with our introductory module, tailored exclusively for boomers. This segment covers the basics, laying a solid foundation for your tech journey. We’ll demystify devices, explore essential software, and guide you through initial online navigation. By the end, you’ll confidently handle your gadget and surf the web with ease.

Part 02 (Modules 6-10): Wednesdays from 25 October 2023 to 22 November 2023

Part 2: Expanding Digital Horizons Building on the foundations set in Part 1, this segment dives deeper into the digital realm. We’ll delve into popular applications for communication, leisure, and productivity, ensuring you remain connected and updated. Learn to video chat with loved ones, explore online hobbies, and manage everyday tasks seamlessly through tech.

Part 03 (Modules 11-15): Wednesdays from 10 January 2024 to 07 February 2024

Part 3: Mastery and Digital Independence Achieve tech triumph in our concluding segment. We go beyond basics, equipping you with skills for online safety, advanced device settings, and exploring the world of social media. By the end of this module, you won’t just be digitally literate; you’ll be a digital enthusiast, capable of exploring new apps and platforms on your own with confidence.

Hurry, as pricing for Part One is already live with only 8 tickets up for grabs. Dive deeper into the details and ensure your spot in this revolution by checking out the links and excerpts for each event below.